Treat Yourself to
Some Blissful
Relaxation Time

This Sheraton brand spa facility in Hiroshima is the first of its kind in Japan. Sunshine pours in from the large windows that extend to the ceiling, and time itself seems to move slowly.
Choose your favorite program depending on your individual needs.

Shine Spa

Sheraton Shine Spa

Enjoy blissful relaxation time
in a healing space

Shine Spa for Sheraton is the Sheraton brand spa facility in Hiroshima, the first of its kind in Japan. Sunshine pours in from the large windows that extend to the ceiling, and time itself seems to move slowly. The facility has six treatment rooms, a relaxation space, and a nail care space. The six treatment rooms include a Couples Room. The corner room has large windows that provide a sense of spaciousness and can be used by friends, parents and children, and couples alike.

Sheraton Shine Spa Information

Located floor 8F
Business hours 09:00~21:00
Main facilities All rooms are private
Total of six rooms (Single bed: 5 rooms, Two beds: 1 room)
Nail seat: 2 seats
Locker room in spa
(For men: 5 lockers For women: 7 lockers)
Contact for reservation +81-82-262-7180(A direct phone number 9:00~21:00)
Other ※Spa is open to the general public.
Frequently asked questions is here

Sheraton Fitness

Sheraton Fitness

Intensive training that achieves maximum results in a short time

Sheraton Fitness is designed to fuel fast, intensive training to maximize results in a short time. With safety in mind, we have introduced Technogym from Europe’s largest fitness machine manufacturer, meaning even novices can use the gym with peace of mind.

Sheraton Fitness Information

Located floor 8F
Business hours Members of Shine Spa Fitness Club: from 9:00 to 21:00
Hotel guests: 24 hours
Fee Members of Shine Spa Fitness Club: Complimentary use of fitness gym, indoor swimming pool, and jacuzzi
Hotel Guests: Complimentary use of fitness gym, use of swimming pool and jacuzzi: 1,620 yen/day
Main facilities 3 cross trainers, 1 recumbent bikes, upright bikes, 3 treadmills *First indoor swimming pool in the Chugoku/Shikoku area (15 meters x 4 meters), 2 adjustable benches, 1 UNICA machine, 10 dumbbells, 1 Multi-Power unit, other fitness equipment *All with monitors except UNICA
  • *Lockers cost an extra 540 yen.
  • *Please change in your room before you visit if you choose to not use a locker.
  • *Please fill in the liability waiver in front of the gym before entering.
  • *We ask that guests under 18 years old refrain from using the gym.
  • *Rental items are available at the spa reception desk.
  • *Headphone rentals are available at the spa reception desk. They will be placed at the gym from 22:00 to 6:00.
  • *Please return used rental goods to the used linen box within the locker or return it to the spa reception desk.

Pool & Jacuzzi

Pool & Jacuzzi

Spend a luxurious time at an oasis in the city

An indoor swimming pool brightly illuminated with sunshine. Enjoy a moment of luxury in this oasis in the city, where you can forget about the hustle and bustle.

Pool & Jacuzzi Information

Located floor 8F
Business hours 6:00-22:00
Reception desk hours
and location
6:00 - 09:00 6th floor front reception desk
9:00 - 22:00 8th floor spa reception desk
Last admission to the swimming pool is at 21:30
Fee 1,620 yen (One person, including tax)
Available from 9:00 to 22:00 on check-in day and until 22:00 after check out.
The fee above will be charged per person, regardless of age.
*Swimming pool and lockers are free only for customers who booked using the Sheraton Club fee. (Not available for free upgrades.)
Swimming pool size Length: 15 meters × Width: 4 meters
Water temperature Swimming pool: 30° C(86°F), Jacuzzi: 40° C(104°F)
  • *Swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna are available only for hotel guests or Shine Spa Club customers.
  • *Guests under 16 years must fill in a liability waiver and be accompanied by a guardian.
  • *We ask that customers under 16 years old refrain from using the Jacuzzi.
  • *Please refrain from bringing babies in diapers or flotation devices.
  • *Please wear a swimming cap.
  • *Swimming suits and other accessories are available for rental.
  • *Due to sanitary reasons, goggles can only be purchased, not rented.
  • *There is a limited number of lockers. Please be aware that we may ask you to change your reservation time if the pool is crowded.
  • *Please be aware that there is a limited quantity of rental goods.
  • *We ask that customers with tattoos refrain from entering the pool or sauna.

Please be informed that our indoor swimming pool in Shine Spa located on the 8th floor will be closed during the following period due to the annual maintenance required by the law.

February 27, Wednesday 6:00A.M —February 28, Thursday3:00P.M
Sauna, Mist Sauna and Cold Water Bath are available from 9:00A.M to 9:00P.M. (Locker room is free of charge on this term)
Fitness Facility is also available for 24 hours for free.
Please come and have fun.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused and thank you very much for your understanding.


Business hours Lockers: 6:00 - 22:00, Sauna: 9:00 - 21:00
Reception desk hours
and location
Rented at the reception: 6:00 - 09:00
Reception at the spa: 9:00 - 22:00
Fee 540 yen (One person, including tax)
From the day that you check in, you can use from 9:00 to 22:00, and until 22:00 on the day that you check out
Number of lockers For men: 16, For women: 22
Temperature Approximate temperature : 90° C(194°F)
Mist sauna(Salt mist sauna) 45° C(113°F)
Cold bath: Approximately 20° C(68°F)
Precautions *We ask that guests under 16 years old refrain from using the mist sauna, high-temperature sauna, and cold bath.


Reception desk hours
and location
Available at the reception desk: 6:00 - 09:00
Reception at the spa: 9:00 - 22:00
Rental Items
  • Men's swimsuits <Short swimsuit> (Size: M/L/LL/3L) 540 yen (Inc. tax)
  • Women's swimsuits <One-piece swimsuit/all-in-one> (Size: M/L/LL/3L) 864 yen (Inc. tax)
Purchase Items
  • Men's swimsuits <Short swimsuit> (Size: M/L/O/XO) 5,400 yen (Inc. tax)
  • Men's swimsuits <Long swimsuit> (Size: S/M/L/O) 6,372 yen (Inc. tax)
  • Women's swimsuits <One-piece swimsuit> (Size: S/M/L/O) 7,452 yen (Inc. tax)
  • Women's swimsuits <Two-piece swimming suit> (Size: S/M/L/O) 10,044 yen (Inc. tax)
  • Swimming cap (Adjustable) 1,080 yen (Inc. tax)
  • Goggles 2,052 yen (Inc. tax)
Precautions Please place used rental goods in the used linen box within the locker or return it to the spa reception desk


People over 18 can receive body treatment, but what about treatment for nails?
Nail treatment also is from 18 years of age. In line with the regulations of "Sheraton Shine Spa" all around the world, the Shine Spa facilities can only be entered by persons aged 18 or above. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Is there an upper age limit for receiving treatment?
There are no particular limits, but there may be cases where we decline to provide treatment due to health problems. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.
Does the hotel sell candle oil?
Regrettably we do not sell candle oil.
How does your cancellation policy work?
For the day before check-in 50% will be charged, and for cancellation on the day of check-in 100% will be charged. The hotel requests that cancellations are made at least 2 days in advance of the check-in date.
Is it advisable to avoid alcohol after treatment?
Treatment improves the body's circulation, which makes it easier to become inebriated from alcohol, so please exercise caution when imbibing alcohol soon after treatment.
Is there men's treatment available?
Treatment is also available for men. The spa has recommended courses for men, so please do not hesitate to enquire.
Is there not a paid parking service available?
Regrettably, there is no parking available in the hotel. Please use nearby parking facilities operated by the city.
Can pregnant women receive treatment? Are there any particular courses for women?
In regard of the safety of pregnancy, we decline treatment to expectant mothers. Furthermore, our spa beds are not designed to support expectant mothers and may cause duress to their bodies. For this reason also, we are not able to offer treatment during pregnancy.
I would like to arrange bridal nails. Could you explain how the process works? I understand that you offer a design that matches the dress, so should I bring a photo of the dress?
If you can bring a photo of the dress, it will enable us to propose the best design that complements the dress. It is possible to have bridal nails done on the day of the wedding, but if you need original chips made, one week in advance is required to adjust the size, decide on the design and process the cuticles. In addition, these chips will be one-of-a-kind in the whole world, so are perfect for re-applying one year later on your wedding anniversary.
Are treatment gift cards available?
All treatment courses are available as gift cards, and the hotel can send them to you by post (for an extra fee). Regarding payment, we request cash or credit card payment on the day you receive treatment, or alternatively bank transfer in advance. Please be aware that in the case of bank transfer, any resulting fees will be borne by the customer.
Can men also receive nail treatment?
Men can also receive all treatment courses.
Can people with nail problems or athlete's foot receive nail treatment?
Regrettably, as we offer treatment to an unspecified number of customers, there is the risk of diseases spreading and so regarding customers with such infectious ailments, it is our policy to either avoid the affected area or to decline treatment altogether.
Can I receive treatment as the same time as having my nails done?
Body treatment is provided in individual rooms while nail treatment is provided in the open spa area; therefore, it is not possible to provide both treatments simultaneously.
Do I need to bring anything with me for nail treatment?
You do not need to bring anything in particular, but if receiving a facial your make-up will be removed, so if necessary please bring any cosmetics that need re-applying.
I am pretty sunburnt - can I still receive treatment?
If you are sunburnt, you body will be heated up so we do not recommend that you receive treatment if you are sunburnt. We suggest that you postpone treatment for one week after when your skin has had time to cool down.
What is the difference between Germaine de Capuccini and Ella Baché?
Germaine de Capuccini is offered at Sheraton Hotel Shine Spas all around the world, and provides a completely exclusive selection of courses. However, the price is slightly expensive and so from this spring, the spa began offering the Ella Baché course which is more affordable but offers the same high quality and dedication. For each course, the results differ according to exactly what the customer requires and desires, so we are happy to provide counseling in advance to precisely gauge your needs and expectations.